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After I went to Albania for my graduation project ‘Bunkers in Albania’,
I knew I had to go there again one day without the pressure of finding these bunkers, but just for traveling and visiting some people again who helped me during my stay in Albania.
So last May, when I was still backpacking in Central America, I got this email from Maxime if I was interested in going to the balkan with him.
Being in Guatemala, I was already dreaming about going back to Albania. Most people will think this is a strange way of thinking. Being in paradise and dreaming of countries as Albania, Serbia, … but those are the people who haven’t been to these countries i guess, or maybe it’s just me.
But after my trip through Albania, I realized one thing:
“They didn’t only steal all our Mercedes Benz’, but they also stole a piece of my heart.”
So not much thinking was necessary, we booked a ticket to Sofia, Bulgaria, and for almost 4 weeks we travelled from Bulgaria through Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia and Romania back to Sofia.
So a selection of some pictures of this amazing trip.
First the locals, the people we met on the street, the people who represent the hospitality of these countries. 

Some portraits that I preferred in black&white:
Some really nice views and landscapes:
Each country had his own charming old cars driving around:
And for those people who still can’t afford a car, there’s ofcourse the horse and carriage which even is used to move everything they have…(1st picture)
And ofcourse the presence of animals, everywhere you go there are farms, carriages, streetdogs,… i love them:
Some architecture, most of the cities are just a compilation of unfinished apartments:
more Black&White:
And one of our top-campingspots in the mountains of south-Bulgaria:
and in the end, Maxime and Myself:

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September 23, 2008 at 10:15 pm

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