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Filmfestival Ghent

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30 students of the academia of Ghent are terrorising the Filmfestival of Ghent, and one of them is me! It appears we are getting on the nerves of the organization of the Filmfestival, but we don’t have a choice, we have to take pictures for school…

Sneaking into the VIP-lounge on the big opening of the Filmfestival, having some free wine, beers,… and then starting to take pictures of drunk famous Belgians. Working for school can be hard I have to admit!
The only problem is recognizing those “famous” people, for someone like me who doesn’t watch “Thuis” or “Familie” or… all those other great belgian tv series. I did recognize Prins Laurent, and all of our famous politicians were also present, but i prefer to post some pics with people who we still can be proud of and have to do something with belgian culture!
It’s up to you to recognize them, also because i don’t know all their names 🙂
ps: the last one is the vice-president of the filmfestival.


Written by frederik

October 10, 2008 at 5:45 pm

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