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This weekend, I went to Merksem to visit Mike, a young Elvis Fan, someone who wanted to proof that also young people still love Elvis! He wasn’t the biggest Elvis collector that I met, but he had a lot of books, cd’s, posters,… and he was a funny guy actually. He had a strange job though, since he was 18 he worked for an office that arranges everything for peoples funeral. So mike has to dress up people every day, I mean the dead ones… break there neck if necessary to get them straight, sew there lips together sometimes, dress people who died in car accidents and are almost shredded into peaces, and that kind of job. But he discribed it as a ‘dreamjob’ , because he can choose his working hours 🙂 I ‘m glad he’s happy with his job!

Mike also loves trigger happy, and imitated the famous ‘Joeri’ and showed me the video on youtube where he’s doing Joeri in an elderly home, so to start, I want to show Mike as Joeri, and then some pictures I made of Mike and his dog Luka.







and one of Mike’s favourite Elvis songs, he prefers the songs that are less famous, and I have to admit I kind of start to like Elvis as well…


Written by frederik

March 26, 2009 at 6:28 pm

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