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Albanian Gypsies

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So, first of all, my lens is fixed! FIEW! Thanks to a photographer friend of my host in Tirana who showed us an old man that fixes analogue camera’s. He did it very carefully without damaging my lens, so I’m a very happy man again at this time.

Yesterday we talked a lot about Albania here on the apartment. Both people I stay with know a lot about social problems in albania and they even volunteer in some projects of rebuilding villages and stuff like that. Very interesting. They also told me about the gypsies living near the trainstation. Not immediately the most original subject to make a documentary about, but it is a part of the economy of course, the poorer part… So i decided to take a look over there, tried to talk to some people, … I thought they wouldn’t be very happy with foreigners with a camera. But after some basic albanian chat they were very friendly and they even asked me to come into their ‘house’. I made some pictures, but not that much, I think they are a nice contact now and they made clear i could come back someday. For me the most important thing now is to see a lot, meet people, visit places, and see what is possible and maybe interesting for my project. Arian, one of my hosts, contacted a friend of his that has family in a mountain village where they still do a lot of mining, especially for Chrome. He invited us, me and Arian, to come to his house in this village. So that looks very interesting as well. First I’m going to visit an old friend in Lezha in the north, and another family to the border of Montenegro and then travel further to the border of Kosovo probably. See what that will bring, and after that I’ll probably go to this mining village.

So a lot of plans, but for now, some gypsy photos.

Voila! Don’t expect to see here pictures everyday, it’s really an exception because I stay in the capital with some people who have internet in their apartment. I’m afraid that won’t be the case the rest of this journey as soon as I leave Tirana, which is probably tomorrow!


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February 1, 2010 at 8:05 pm

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